Who Are We?

We are a business dedicated to providing individual security through novel approaches in data encryption, authentication techniques and identity protection. We make it our business to keep your information as secure as possible, both on and off the internet. Not only that, but we also provide mechanisms and general training which allow you to protect your private information and other sensitive data.


Yup. We are currently developing new software and hardware to handle the security of your personal information and sensitive data. We want ourselves to be protected, why not you?

How Are We Doing This?

We are developing new data encryption algorithms that allow us to maintain that your information remain secure. We are also developing new authentication methods which will allow you to access websites more securely, which helps protect your information.


User selected passwords are simply not enough anymore as systems are able to process more information than a user selected password can hope to protect. New technologies and algorithms are being developed by nefarious characters which allow them to gain access to your sensitive information and new methods are necessary to defeat them.

Is   Your   Information   Secure?

Let Ayres Enterprises take care of that for you!
Gail, a Registered Nurse, graduated from Yavapai College after receiving her AA from Northeast Iowa CC. Gail’s computer interest began in the ‘80s while attending college. Her efficiency and fair play has led her to become administrator of several successful social networking sites.
Gail Ayres CEO
Jeff is a Master’s graduate from California State University Hayward (1996) and a Bachelor’s from the University of South Florida. Jeff’s computer interest began in the ‘80s while attending USF, expanding into computer based modeling in graduate school.
Jeff Ayres CIO
Kris attended Phoenix Art Institute gaining valuable knowledge of computer programs and uses. Kris further expanded his expertise into computer operating systems, development of computer programs, mathematics, modern physics and most recently encryption.
Kris Shields CTO
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